We are a group of concerned University teachers and researchers, public sector professionals, artists and others who are concerned that…

… (a) the debate in the run up to the EU referendum was poor quality, misleading and that this may have influenced the result;

…(b) there was an unhelpful tendency to reject ‘expert’ knowledge and informed debate, in preference for emotive and populist rhetoric; and

…(c) we didn’t do enough to inform and engage with the political debate or public understanding beyond our own workplaces.

We are also concerned that far from being over, the referendum has initiated a long-term period of reform and renegotiation.  This process will need to be subject to public scrutiny and, because of the complex and often very detailed nature of the issues, it will be important that debates on these issues are as informed as possible.

It is our aim to inform the media and political debate and to work towards greater public awareness and understanding, through engagement beyond the University.