Taking back control – but not just yet. The UK’s post-Brexit future is now in Germany’s hands

In this post, Charles Lees looks at how the Brexit vote hands negotiating power to Germany.


The pavlovian slogan of the successful Brexit campaign was ‘take back control’. More than half of voters voted Leave, confident in the fallacious belief that they would wake up on Friday morning having done so. As the dust settles on the referendum it helps no one to rehearse once more the arguments for and against the wisdom of Brexit. But it is baffling to observe the lack of due diligence undertaken by the Leave camp on what would actually happen on the morning after their startling political victory. UKIP, from its original incarnation as the Anti-Federalist League a quarter of a century earlier, and the post-Bruges speech Tory Eurosceptic wing have had long enough to think about it.

Consider the amount of clever and opinionated politicians, think-tankers, and journalists, and the parade of seminars and symposiums, drinks receptions and pitches to potential backers, they have attended in the past 25 years. It is unforgiveable that after all that there was no specific model for Brexit that the Leave team felt confident enough to put to the people.

To read the rest on the LSE blog, click on the image below:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 07.43.10




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